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Next year will include many more books, for sure. Happy New Year, everyone!! <333

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I wasn't going to make a post for this stuff, but I so rarely make posts about good things, so HERE I GO :D

The first thing I did when I woke up (like, an hour ago >.> -_-) was refresh Apple's trailer page that I'd left open in a tab. The Snow White and the Huntsmen trailer IS UP!! Oh my fucking god. I haven't been this excited about a movie since the Harry Potter films. It looks BEAUTIFUL. I really want the jewelry the queen is wearing on her hand when she's holding that lady by her neck, lolol. It's really pretty, EVERYTHING is really pretty, the costume design, the effects, Kristen in general ♥~♥ She's so bad ass, omg. I can't wait until promo for this film starts up. I think it's awesome how excited Kristen is for this movie. Even during the Breaking Dawn stuff she's been doing, every time this movie is mentioned it's like her whole face just lights up :)

[livejournal.com profile] deadtwome linked me to this Harry Potter feature. Most of you HP fans have probably already seen it - I came across it awhile ago and avoided watching it because I knew it would make me cry. I watched it today though, and ;~; The trio hugging at the end, oh my heart, it aches.

Neeeeeeeext, MISHA COLLINS WILL BE GUEST STARRING ON RINGER!! Adore him so much, love that show, omg I'm so excited *whimper*

Out of curiosity that is totally random in this entry (but what isn't, really), have any of you ever read any of the Star Wars novels? I've been marathoning the movies for the last two days because I've never watched them all at once, all six together before, and I think I would really like to read them, but I have no idea where to even start, because apparently SOME of the books don't do the best job of explaining things and assume that you have all the back-story knowledge you would need to get it. From what I understand, I'm good if I read the books based on the prequels first (but the ones based on the original trilogy aren't worth reading?) and the Thrawn Trilogy, but I'm not sure if it matters how I read them after that... Not that I should even be thinking about this yet, because I need to finish The Count of Monte Cristo before I read anything else XD I had no idea that book is over 1200 pages, haha, and I think I have a ways to go (but for that book, for some reason, my kindle doesn't show me the page number).

Obligatory Bill fangirling, because we can see his FACE :D

<3333333333 He outshined every single person there, as per usual.

And maybe?:

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My thoughts on Glee tonight - cut for spoilers and wordy ranty negativity, so if you're squeeful and don't want it ruined, you might want to keep on scrolling! )

But LOOK AT THIS AMAZING POSTER!!! (click for much bigger)


So excited, SO EXCITED!!! The trailer will be out tomorrow, HAVE I MENTIONED I'M SO EXCITED?

I only mentioned in passing in that survey I filled out a few days ago, but I have officially deleted by my Google+ account, and my Facebook account. I feel so much better. I'm thinking of looking for a nice, comparable alternative for Gmail, as well. I just trust google less and less. They've asked me quite a few times now to give them my cellphone number, and I've heard from others that it's happened to them, too. I'm very not okay with that. Google does not need my phone number, that is bullshit. It's disturbing, how many people just give this information away, no questions asked anymore. I refuse to. I'm fully aware that everything I put on the internet, even within my locked journal, could be seen by people I don't even know and used for purposes I can't even fathom, which is why I try to be careful. But websites trying to wheedle information out of people? Even if it's like facebook, where they simply give you the fields to fill in and people assume it MUST be trustworthy, because it's facebook! No, no way heh.

Oh, I forgot that I capped my desktop for that meme going around :) I'll probably be changing it to that image up there ^ soon, but for now, and for awhile, it's:

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I am all caught up on The Big Bang Theory! I don't think I posted here that I had planned on watching it, but I did, and I did XD

I love Sheldon. Love love loooooooooooooooooooooooove him. Like, top ten favorite fictional characters (or at least top ten favorite TV characters) love. I had to look it up halfway through the series, to see if what looked to me to be some degree of autism was intentional or not, and it does seem to have been addressed by Jim Parsons, so I'm glad I wasn't crazy or something, seeing that in him. Between that and his asexuality, I find the laugh track so unnecessary sometimes - not everything he does is as hilarious as the show tries to make it, and I find that I enjoy his scenes a million times more if I ignore the laughing when it most often feels inappropriate to me (not even really offensive, just... completely illogical imo). I want to learn my way around him and I want to sing him Soft Kitty when he's sick and I just adore him, really <333

I think my favorite aspect of the show is his and Penny's friendship XD They are so cute, basically every scene with the two of them together are all my favorites.

I hope Penny and Leonard get back together soon/eventually ;_;

I really like Amy, and I'm really excited that she is played by Mayim Bialik because she is awesome!! <3 I just hope they aren't going to end up using her to "fix" Sheldon :/ Because the show acts like everything he does and says is ~so funny~ when it's really not, it worries me a little that that will eventually happen. Like, they've set him up with a bunch of behaviors that seem "wrong" by most societal standards, so that they can have him learn how to function more normally, when that is so overrated and unnecessary for the most part. It's kind of already happened to Amy herself over the span of her time on the show. But then again, the show is into its fifth season and they really haven't done much to change him, so I feel like I can relax a little :P

Also, Jim Parsons is super adorable :) They're all really cute though, to be honest (well, maybe except the guy who plays Harold, he does nothing at all for me XD)!
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I watched the new Degrassi last night! Clare, when did you become That Girl that runs into the woods in the dark -_- And when are her and Eli going to get back together already ;______; Fuck Jake. He was just as responsible for that kiss as Ali. Also, why is Clare being such a jerk? It really bothered me, the way she dismissed Ali twice for having "pedestrian problems," ugh. She used to be one of my favorite characters, but they're really ruining her. Eli, however, remains golden and amazing.

I had a creepy moment while watching that episode, when my internet, cable, and phone signal all crapped out on me. I felt abruptly cut off and with the timing, it was very unnerving D:

I'm so behind on other shows, though. I still need to watch Merlin, and I'm behind on Pan Am, The Secret Circle, Revenge, and Terra Nova. This is what happens when I try to watch so many shows LOL @_@ Ringer is more and more delightfully twisted, though. Supernatural went for two of my weak spots this past week: eye gore, and cupcakes, why the cupcakes ;~; I was pretty upset when I watched it initially because eye stuff really, really deeply upsets me, and it basically ruined most of the episode for me because it takes awhile for that feeling to fade :/ I had been so looking forward to it, too! Charisma and James <33333 I need more Buffy alumni, pleeeeeaaaase :) The end of the episode was great though, and I think that I want to re-watch it, now that I know for sure what parts I can look away from.

Also watched the premiere of Once Upon a Time, I had been looking forward to that one for months and it did not disappoint! I think this show definitely has the potential to be one I never miss/forget, like Supernatural and HIMYM :3 I'm definitely dying for the next episode already.

This is a lot to read, but I really, really recommend it. It's basically the best, and most well-organized and thought-out smack down against that 53% bullshit I've seen yet. I am so tired of judgmental attitudes, of people measuring everyone else's situations against their own and making assumptions about them based on things they can't even possibly understand. I think it's one of the most sickening things I've seen surrounding the Occupy protests so far, because most of these people are part of the group that those protesters are fighting for, and they don't even realize it. They've been conditioned to believe that their lives are just how they're supposed to be :(

I think I would like to start posting links and things I find around the internet that interest me. I post stuff like that on twitter, but it doesn't give me much chance to talk about it, and it would give me an excuse to be around here more :)
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Hoshit - I accidentally slept through Ringer last night, so I downloaded it and just watched it. I have no words. Just... SHIT. O_________O

I think every day, I adore Kristen Stewart a little more. I bought Adventureland ages ago and just got around to watching it the other day, and I'd been meaning to catch Speak for awhile now, after hearing so many good things about it. So I read the book first, finished it today, and watched the movie today. I don't understand how anyone who has seen her in her films outside Twilight could possibly think she's a bad actress :/ To each their own though, I suppose. There are a few more films I need to watch (and probably re-watch, like The Runaways!) and I plan on doing so ASAP, but I also sort of want to pace myself, because I will be so sad when I have no more to watch. I'm not interested in her fandom or anything like that; I watch a community here on LJ for her for news and things, but I don't care about pap photos and all that other random stuff (hell, I'm barely even into that with TH anymore). I just want her to be in tons and tons of movies *~* At least she's got quite a few new ones lined up that sound amazing, but they're all so far away! :)

(I need to stop looking at the tag for her on tumblr, the sheer amounts of hatred and vitriol make blocking people an endless task :( I don't get why so many people enjoy posting about and talking about things they hate!)
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I've been awake since 5am. I've had breakfast, and coffee, done my school reading and read my flist, and went for a 45 minute walk. I actually have energy, but I'm so not used to feeling this way that instead of doing ALL THE THINGS I'm just sitting here feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities XD I don't know where to start!

So, I thought I would babble on briefly about the TV show premieres I've caught recently :D

There've been quite a few, so under a cut this goes! )

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