Dec. 31st, 2011

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Oh hey, it's the last day of 2011 o__________o I didn't even realize until my mom pointed it out earlier. I'm going to be starting the year with an overdraft from my credit union; so fitting!

I've been lost in reading the rest of the Hunger Games trilogy. Do any of you ever experience that sense of grief when you finish a book or series you've been completely engaged in? It always makes me feel so sad to be back in the real world, and I just want to wallow in it for awhile. I think I do it with really good TV shows, too, when I watch them all at once. Reality, meh.

Jumbled thoughts on the books )
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Here they are! )

Next year will include many more books, for sure. Happy New Year, everyone!! <333

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Are you still living there
Walking the streets with your hollow stare
You say there's loneliness everywhere
So we have nothing to lose
The music plays all day long
And sorrow looks beautiful
And lovers seem mystical
Tomorrow a new point of view
These bright lights will bend to make blue
Now this can all look new to you