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Here they are! )

Next year will include many more books, for sure. Happy New Year, everyone!! <333

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I wasn't going to make a post for this stuff, but I so rarely make posts about good things, so HERE I GO :D

The first thing I did when I woke up (like, an hour ago >.> -_-) was refresh Apple's trailer page that I'd left open in a tab. The Snow White and the Huntsmen trailer IS UP!! Oh my fucking god. I haven't been this excited about a movie since the Harry Potter films. It looks BEAUTIFUL. I really want the jewelry the queen is wearing on her hand when she's holding that lady by her neck, lolol. It's really pretty, EVERYTHING is really pretty, the costume design, the effects, Kristen in general ♥~♥ She's so bad ass, omg. I can't wait until promo for this film starts up. I think it's awesome how excited Kristen is for this movie. Even during the Breaking Dawn stuff she's been doing, every time this movie is mentioned it's like her whole face just lights up :)

[livejournal.com profile] deadtwome linked me to this Harry Potter feature. Most of you HP fans have probably already seen it - I came across it awhile ago and avoided watching it because I knew it would make me cry. I watched it today though, and ;~; The trio hugging at the end, oh my heart, it aches.

Neeeeeeeext, MISHA COLLINS WILL BE GUEST STARRING ON RINGER!! Adore him so much, love that show, omg I'm so excited *whimper*

Out of curiosity that is totally random in this entry (but what isn't, really), have any of you ever read any of the Star Wars novels? I've been marathoning the movies for the last two days because I've never watched them all at once, all six together before, and I think I would really like to read them, but I have no idea where to even start, because apparently SOME of the books don't do the best job of explaining things and assume that you have all the back-story knowledge you would need to get it. From what I understand, I'm good if I read the books based on the prequels first (but the ones based on the original trilogy aren't worth reading?) and the Thrawn Trilogy, but I'm not sure if it matters how I read them after that... Not that I should even be thinking about this yet, because I need to finish The Count of Monte Cristo before I read anything else XD I had no idea that book is over 1200 pages, haha, and I think I have a ways to go (but for that book, for some reason, my kindle doesn't show me the page number).

Obligatory Bill fangirling, because we can see his FACE :D

<3333333333 He outshined every single person there, as per usual.

And maybe?:

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"Back to work full time (12 hours a day, 6 days a week) within a month, even though doctors said to take it easy (he works manual labor). The cancer still grows. That is the American dream." From here. That is one fucked up American dream right there, folks.

In other fucked-up-ness, I agree with this commentary. The original campaign is amazing, and it really bothers me that the second anything hits the internet anymore, there has to be some meme offshoot of it. It's like nobody gives a shit about anything anymore, just how they can make it funny. I know that's a bit of a generalization, but I see it so much.

One of them reminds me of yesterday, when I was watching TV and I saw an ad from my cable company, encouraging people to check out a Halloween decoration contest they were having, you could view the entries on one of the On Demand channels. I only looked at ONE before I cancelled out of the whole thing. Someone actually had fake corpses of Saddam, Osama, and Gaddafi hanging from trees in their front yard, amidst coffins and other Halloweeny stuff. Fucking disgusting. Reminds me of another article I read recently about how the only thing Americans as a (large, or almost) whole can celebrate anymore are corpses. So sad.

But in happy news!!! Today I had a ~magical movie day~, because the only movies I've seen for the last like... year+ have been the two parts of Deathly Hallows. I went to see Anonymous first, which was really really good. Right after that, I went to The Three Musketeers, and omggggggggggggggg. The Three Musketeers is one of my favorite stories EVER. I've wanted to get a fleur de lis tattooed on my shoulder since I was in high school BECAUSE of that story (and Milla Jovovich was perfectly badass as Milady) XDDD I always adored D'Artagnan, and this movie killed me because they got the cutest actor to play him :D So scrappy, hehehe <33333

I also got cupcake bites from the concession stand that I haven't tried yet, and there was a boy dressed like someone from Adventure Time there who was really cute~

Btw, [livejournal.com profile] gajastar, [livejournal.com profile] mcpofife, [livejournal.com profile] n_isfor_neville, [livejournal.com profile] volare, and [livejournal.com profile] writingonwalls, thank you so much for the spideys!! <333 They're soooo cute, and I hope I get a chance to send some out too :D
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My dad bought me a Kindle O_________O

I'd been thinking of getting one soon, or asking for one for Christmas, so that I could take advantage of the free books available, and put fanfic on it to read, because staring at a computer so much is seriously killing my eyes. So yay! I only even mentioned it once to my mom in passing, but I guess she suggested it XD I couldn't believe it when she gave it to me, I thought it was some kind of joke!

I've had time to play with it today because I'm not sure at all what to do for my homework, lol. The way our weeks are set up, we start with discussion questions, then our next assignment is usually brainstorming and concept development for whatever we're working on each week (this week it's a newspaper ad), and then our last assignment for the week is our final version. Well, for our concept development this week, my teacher wanted us to kind of go all out; basic market research to determine our target audience and what would appeal most to them (the answers on that questionnaire I linked really came in handy there, thank you!), more research into other newspaper ads for whatever would be considered the competition with critiques of each one, 40-50 thumbnail sketches of layout ideas, and then we had to work up 3 of our thumbnails into digital mock-ups.

Well, being the overachiever I apparently am, instead of doing digital mock-ups, I just full on completed all three the way I was imagining them. I swear, I do this in every class I take like this -______- It's not a bad thing, really, except that everyone who critiqued my assignment only had good things to say, and nobody offered any negative things or any suggestions for improvement! So I guess I'm just going to pick one of the ones I finished and turn it in again, and hope that that's okay, since I'm not sure what else to do XD That's been considered acceptable in the other classes I've taken, so I hope it is in this one!

I stayed up all night watching movies. I thought The Evil Dead was kind of dumb, and of course there was a scene towards the end that would've traumatized me had I not whipped my headphones off and curled into the fetal position to hide from my screen, but supposedly the sequels are way better, so I only watched it for that. I watched a German film named Everyone Else that was alright. Then was Aimee & Jaguar, which was AMAZING. Another German movie, and this one was about a woman who was married to a German soldier, and has an affair with a Jewish woman in 1943. I really, really loved it. And Maria Schrader, who played the Jewish woman, is GORGEOUS, omg. I was starstruck by her the entire time. After that, I watched The Last Song, which caused me to question AGAIN why anyone reads Nicholas Sparks books/watches the movies, since they all end in similarly depressing ways. I like The Notebook ;_; But that's about it, really~

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