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A little while ago, [livejournal.com profile] eirenebellatrix asked about me posting some of my work from my recent classes where I had to do some digital illustration for the first time ever. I've been meaning to share some of it, and since my entries lately have been so RL-heavy and work and blahhh, I thought now would be a good time! :)

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I'm thinking that I'm happy that:

- my belly is full of Jimmy John's and Mountain Dew
- I have chocolate milk, egg nog, orange juice, cute little classic glass bottles of Coke, and more cookies (since my dad made my others last night *grumble*) in the fridge, and hot cocoa in the cupboard, and I bought a frozen pizza for dinner. I LOVE DELICIOUS FOOD AND DELICIOUS BEVERAGES.
- my unemployment stuff worked itself out and they made up the amount I was shorted last time on the check I got this week
- today's Merlin is downloading \o/
- my homework is literally only submitting my final illustration which will take 3 seconds and then this class is completely over, and I have a high A :D I think I'll post some of my work soon if anyone wants to see it, I liked how some of it turned out.
- I can read all day tomorrow

I've been a little worried about some health issues I'm having (that I'm pretty sure are due to these fucked up periods that I'm still having, or whatever is causing them), so I've decided to start taking B-complex vitamins to see if they help at all. I really hope they do.

Lastly, I'm sooooo nervous that my speech class starts on Monday, but I just need to take a deep breath and power my ass through it. Once it's over, I'll never have to do it again. Any ideas on persuasive speeches I could do for it? I need it to be something I can feel comfortable with in case I have to give it around one of my parents, so I'd like to avoid most things involving sexuality, religion, and probably politics LOL -_- I'd actually kinda like to do something fun, if we're allowed.
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My dad bought me a Kindle O_________O

I'd been thinking of getting one soon, or asking for one for Christmas, so that I could take advantage of the free books available, and put fanfic on it to read, because staring at a computer so much is seriously killing my eyes. So yay! I only even mentioned it once to my mom in passing, but I guess she suggested it XD I couldn't believe it when she gave it to me, I thought it was some kind of joke!

I've had time to play with it today because I'm not sure at all what to do for my homework, lol. The way our weeks are set up, we start with discussion questions, then our next assignment is usually brainstorming and concept development for whatever we're working on each week (this week it's a newspaper ad), and then our last assignment for the week is our final version. Well, for our concept development this week, my teacher wanted us to kind of go all out; basic market research to determine our target audience and what would appeal most to them (the answers on that questionnaire I linked really came in handy there, thank you!), more research into other newspaper ads for whatever would be considered the competition with critiques of each one, 40-50 thumbnail sketches of layout ideas, and then we had to work up 3 of our thumbnails into digital mock-ups.

Well, being the overachiever I apparently am, instead of doing digital mock-ups, I just full on completed all three the way I was imagining them. I swear, I do this in every class I take like this -______- It's not a bad thing, really, except that everyone who critiqued my assignment only had good things to say, and nobody offered any negative things or any suggestions for improvement! So I guess I'm just going to pick one of the ones I finished and turn it in again, and hope that that's okay, since I'm not sure what else to do XD That's been considered acceptable in the other classes I've taken, so I hope it is in this one!

I stayed up all night watching movies. I thought The Evil Dead was kind of dumb, and of course there was a scene towards the end that would've traumatized me had I not whipped my headphones off and curled into the fetal position to hide from my screen, but supposedly the sequels are way better, so I only watched it for that. I watched a German film named Everyone Else that was alright. Then was Aimee & Jaguar, which was AMAZING. Another German movie, and this one was about a woman who was married to a German soldier, and has an affair with a Jewish woman in 1943. I really, really loved it. And Maria Schrader, who played the Jewish woman, is GORGEOUS, omg. I was starstruck by her the entire time. After that, I watched The Last Song, which caused me to question AGAIN why anyone reads Nicholas Sparks books/watches the movies, since they all end in similarly depressing ways. I like The Notebook ;_; But that's about it, really~

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