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So I'm reading Neon Angel right now, and Cherie describes her first rock concert ever, which also happened to be her first time seeing David Bowie live. I think many of you will understand why I was able to relate to it so much :)

I watched this impossibly thin, pale, alien prince singing to me. Not on vinyl, but right there... right in front of my face, this beautiful, hypnotic, strange man was singing to me, and although I could not quite put it into words, I instinctively knew that what I was experiencing was something religious, something profound. The crowd seemed to move as one being, pushing towards the front, a tidal wave of teenage energy, and although I had heard the words coming out of David's mouth a million times, it felt as if I were hearing the words for the first time, each line reaching across the massive amphitheater and falling around me like a meteor shower.

The heat and the frustration, the alienation and the loneliness, the lust and the anxiety and the joy that seemed like it had been building inside of me for years were suddenly unbearable, like the pressure was too much and I felt like a bomb primed to explode, and only David Bowie knew how I felt. His words explained what was deep down inside of me better than I ever could.

To be honest, the "religious experience" aspect of this reminds me more of the second time I saw Hyde live, so this could fit him as well, for me. But the description just reminds me so much of Bill, and the second part reminds me so much of Humanoid and seeing them in Spain. Happy Anniversary, Durch Den Monsun <333 And hey, beautiful ♥_♥

Bootsy Bellows Nightclub West Hollywood (8)

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From here, where there are other winners (some I'd already seen, lots were new to me) LOL
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Hoshit - I accidentally slept through Ringer last night, so I downloaded it and just watched it. I have no words. Just... SHIT. O_________O

I think every day, I adore Kristen Stewart a little more. I bought Adventureland ages ago and just got around to watching it the other day, and I'd been meaning to catch Speak for awhile now, after hearing so many good things about it. So I read the book first, finished it today, and watched the movie today. I don't understand how anyone who has seen her in her films outside Twilight could possibly think she's a bad actress :/ To each their own though, I suppose. There are a few more films I need to watch (and probably re-watch, like The Runaways!) and I plan on doing so ASAP, but I also sort of want to pace myself, because I will be so sad when I have no more to watch. I'm not interested in her fandom or anything like that; I watch a community here on LJ for her for news and things, but I don't care about pap photos and all that other random stuff (hell, I'm barely even into that with TH anymore). I just want her to be in tons and tons of movies *~* At least she's got quite a few new ones lined up that sound amazing, but they're all so far away! :)

(I need to stop looking at the tag for her on tumblr, the sheer amounts of hatred and vitriol make blocking people an endless task :( I don't get why so many people enjoy posting about and talking about things they hate!)
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So, yesterday on Twitter we were having a discussion about that Houston fan team that was saying they had $10,000 worth of TH merchandise that they are giving away and whatnot for prizes at a fundraiser event. That seems like a... pretty high number, right? o.O Like I told [personal profile] gajastar, I'm PRETTY sure that everything I own, and the total of the travelling I've done for them, does not even come to $10,000 XD

Anyway, I'd been meaning to take pictures of all of my stuff (there's actually a thread on THI where people can share pictures of it all), and that discussion yesterday finally prompted me to do it. Plus, I need to scan my magazines and figure out which ones I'm okay with selling, so I needed to dig those out anyway. And I really wanted a picture of them all while I still have them :/ I mean, I worked hard for those things LOL EBay battles and all >.>

Don't mind my messy bed XD Click the pictures for bigger~

Pictures under here! )
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I am kind of... really creeped out by those H&M interview videos, to be totally honest, lol.

Were the G's actually there? I know that sounds like a silly question, and I don't know why they wouldn't have been, unless there was some reason we'll probably never know why they had to be filmed separately, but I don't know, it just looked really weird to me - the complete lack of any kind of reaction the whole time o.O

I had kind of hoped that Bill would make it through an interview dealing with sex and sexual issues without once resorting to dragging Tom into it... only to have him do so for half the questions XD Oh, Bill ♥ And he reminded me of a kid in high school BS'ing his way through a presentation that they left until the last minute :)

Now, I just need someone, the next time they have a signing or something, to ask them to say the slogan and get it on tape!




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