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She's nominated for an EMA for Best Dutch Act :)
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Still obsessing over this album, yes. I promise I'll post other music again... soonish.


I overlooked this song the first 20 times, probably, that I listened to this album because it's not as catchy or obvious as most of the rest. But then one night, it was like the lyrics broke through the haze and I realized that this song is everything to me right now. It is so rare that I relate so intensely to a song that is actually uplifting ;) The video is also interesting - just now, for this post, is the first time I've ever seen it, but I've been dying to change up my hair again lately.
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Bif Naked!

I was going to go on and on about her, but watch that video up there ^ and she will say it for me ♥ You can hear bits of some of her music there, but a great example of her music is this song.

I, Bificus was one of my favorite albums when I was in high school, I love absolutely every song on it. One of the things I always liked about Bif Naked's music was that she has absolutely no problem singing obvious love songs about girls (and boys, pretty equally, hehe). She's also pretty bad ass, and I was really into anything involving strong women kicking ass back then XD And now, of course, but back then, I never thought much about why I enjoyed it so much, or how much what they were doing meant. Her music has given me a lot of strength at times when I needed it most.

I also find her to be a really inspiring person in other ways. She's overcome many issues with her health, including breast cancer, but her outlook on the world and everything in it is beautiful. She has an entire song about her guilt over killing a bee!
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My mom loves this song, and we visited the museum dedicated entirely to the Edmund Fitzgerald years ago when I was younger, so I grew up knowing the story. Shipwreck stories and legends (and those involving the sea or ships in general) have always fascinated me, probably partly because my mom used to be so passionate about them - she's really into basically anything related, hence her obsession with lighthouses! When I was in third grade, I remember talking about the Titanic in school and I already knew everything there was to know about it. My mom had a few different books that talked about it and I had devoured them all ♥
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Oh my gosh, you guys. This song, this video. They are everything I need right now. Kristen is so, so beautiful, I can't even handle it. I think they both have faces that express very deep vulnerability - especially considering how much of it is just his. It's got to be difficult to open yourself up like that, and I find it really moving.

And of course, I can't not acknowledge this, too:

It feels like the world is helping me out a little :)

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