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Next year will include many more books, for sure. Happy New Year, everyone!! <333

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Oh hey, it's the last day of 2011 o__________o I didn't even realize until my mom pointed it out earlier. I'm going to be starting the year with an overdraft from my credit union; so fitting!

I've been lost in reading the rest of the Hunger Games trilogy. Do any of you ever experience that sense of grief when you finish a book or series you've been completely engaged in? It always makes me feel so sad to be back in the real world, and I just want to wallow in it for awhile. I think I do it with really good TV shows, too, when I watch them all at once. Reality, meh.

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I wasn't going to make a post for this stuff, but I so rarely make posts about good things, so HERE I GO :D

The first thing I did when I woke up (like, an hour ago >.> -_-) was refresh Apple's trailer page that I'd left open in a tab. The Snow White and the Huntsmen trailer IS UP!! Oh my fucking god. I haven't been this excited about a movie since the Harry Potter films. It looks BEAUTIFUL. I really want the jewelry the queen is wearing on her hand when she's holding that lady by her neck, lolol. It's really pretty, EVERYTHING is really pretty, the costume design, the effects, Kristen in general ♥~♥ She's so bad ass, omg. I can't wait until promo for this film starts up. I think it's awesome how excited Kristen is for this movie. Even during the Breaking Dawn stuff she's been doing, every time this movie is mentioned it's like her whole face just lights up :)

[livejournal.com profile] deadtwome linked me to this Harry Potter feature. Most of you HP fans have probably already seen it - I came across it awhile ago and avoided watching it because I knew it would make me cry. I watched it today though, and ;~; The trio hugging at the end, oh my heart, it aches.

Neeeeeeeext, MISHA COLLINS WILL BE GUEST STARRING ON RINGER!! Adore him so much, love that show, omg I'm so excited *whimper*

Out of curiosity that is totally random in this entry (but what isn't, really), have any of you ever read any of the Star Wars novels? I've been marathoning the movies for the last two days because I've never watched them all at once, all six together before, and I think I would really like to read them, but I have no idea where to even start, because apparently SOME of the books don't do the best job of explaining things and assume that you have all the back-story knowledge you would need to get it. From what I understand, I'm good if I read the books based on the prequels first (but the ones based on the original trilogy aren't worth reading?) and the Thrawn Trilogy, but I'm not sure if it matters how I read them after that... Not that I should even be thinking about this yet, because I need to finish The Count of Monte Cristo before I read anything else XD I had no idea that book is over 1200 pages, haha, and I think I have a ways to go (but for that book, for some reason, my kindle doesn't show me the page number).

Obligatory Bill fangirling, because we can see his FACE :D

<3333333333 He outshined every single person there, as per usual.

And maybe?:

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I have to recommend this book.

Basic summary stolen from a review I found, because the official summary is kind of... inadequate:

Two magicians of indefinite but certainly magically long lifespan – one a public performer named Prospero the Enchanter, aka Hector Bowen; the other known only as "the man in the grey suit" or "Mr. A. H---" – are engaged in a profound rivalry, played out over many generations by appointed pupils. In the late 19th century, Bowen elects his six-year-old daughter Celia, while his counterpart chooses a nameless nine-year-old orphan who will be called Marco Alisdair. These two are bound into a lifelong challenge, the parameters of which are never fully explained to them; and for years they do not know their adversaries.

The circus itself comes in as being a sort of showcase of their competition. The only thing about the rules that they DO know is that they have to basically one-up each other's magical talents through the circus, and they mainly do so by altering the circus itself, adding new magical attractions, each one more fantastic and beautiful than the last.

The thing about this book is... even though the plot may sound interesting (or at least, it did for me, lol), it's actually VERY slow-going towards the center of the book. I feel sort of shallow for loving it as much as I did, because honestly... there are flaws, but it's just too pretty for me to hold anything against it D:

Where I found the book a bit lacking was mainly in character development, or showcasing much emotion at all. It's obvious that retaining an overwhelming feeling of mystery was important to her in this story, but it came at the cost of knowing just about anything about most of the secondary characters (which I didn't mind so much), and though I enjoyed the main characters, even by the end I didn't feel much real attachment to them (except maybe Poppet and Widget, I did so adore them!). I felt like she had the means to make it really striking, but she seemed to focus way more on building scenes than building characters.

However, that is where the shallow aspect of my enjoyment comes in, and my big reason for recommending this book, because holy shit, you guys. This book is how I want to see the world. She literally captivates all your senses from the first page until the last, I can't even describe it. I've never read so many gorgeous, lush descriptions within one book. If it gives you a bit of a sense of it, she actually thanked Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab in her acknowledgments for part of her inspiration, and I found that so many things made sense after reading that XD One of the things I enjoyed most was her description of scents, she was unusually meticulous about that, but the visuals are incredible, too.

Something else that I adored about this book was the way men and women are portrayed. There are no damsels in distress, all of the women are quite capable of handling themselves, and there is no emphasis on masculinity or any lackthereof. There are basically no gender roles ever emphasized at all. The main antagonists of the story are men pulling the strings and orchestrating things in the beginning, but their battle is of a more intellectual quality (and they do come off as basically villains FOR their competition, although they aren't treated quite so black and white at all, and they also mostly recede into the background with the creation of the circus). One of my favorite parts is when a young boy actually thinks to himself that he envies the girls in fairy tales that have someone rescue them away from their horrible families and situations, how disappointing he finds it that it's never the other way around, and not to spoil too much for you, but in this book, it really is the other way around, more often than not - yet, still without robbing every individual character of their strengths and qualities.
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What's the experiment? asked Rosa. What experiment? asked Amalfitano. With the hanging book, said Rosa. It isn't an experiment in the literal sense of the word, said Amalfitano. Why is it there? asked Rosa. It occurred to me all of a sudden, said Amalfitano, it's a Duchamp idea, leaving a geometry book hanging exposed to the elements to see if it learns something about real life. You're going to destroy it, said Rosa. Not me, said Amalfitano, nature. You're getting crazier every day, you know, said Rosa. Amalfitano smiled. I've never seen you do a thing like that to a book, said Rosa. It isn't mine, said Amalfitano. It doesn't matter, Rosa said, it's yours now. It's funny, Amalfitano said, that's how I should feel, but I really don't have the sense it belongs to me, and anyway I'm almost sure I'm not doing it any harm. Well, pretend it's mine and take it down, said Rosa, the neighbors are going to think you're crazy. The neighbors who top their walls with broken glass? They don't even know we exist, said Amalfitano, and they're a thousand times crazier than me. No, not them, said Rosa, the other ones, the ones who can see exactly what's going on in our yard. Have any of them bothered you? asked Amalfitano. No, said Rosa. Then it's not a problem, said Amalfitano, it's silly to worry about it when much worse things are happening in this city than a book being hung from a cord. Two wrongs don't make a right, said Rosa, we're not animals. Leave the book alone, pretend it doesn't exist, forget about it, said Amalfitano, you've never been interested in geometry.

- Roberto Bolaño, 2666

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