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From here, where there are other winners (some I'd already seen, lots were new to me) LOL
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I hope you're all (that are celebrating it) having a better Thanksgiving than mine has been, so far ♥


Nov. 23rd, 2011 06:50 am
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] kylecassidy at post
Via Citykitties (emphasis mine):

A good samaritan found this cat today in a gutter by Clark Park, half dead. He is now at the Cat Doctor with a body temperature of 90 (normal is 102) and blood PCV of 8. The Cat Doctor housecat, Diamond, is currently donating blood to save his life. During the exam, the vet found that this cat has a microchip. When called, his "owners" reported that he was acting sick, so they put him outside. If this makes you as angry as it makes us, please channel your anger in one of two ways: visit our website at www.citykitties.org and make a donation to help us pay for his care, or share this post and encourage others to do so.

Click to donate.

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I really love this article about Tim Pool and what he's been doing for Occupy Wall Street. I don't know how many of you are familiar with him or would know/remember his name, but he's been filming the live stream for The Other 99. This is the stream I've been watching the most, I'm completely hooked on it.

He's not just filming, though; he is part of the protest, and he's filming from within it. He really is incredible. In the times that I've watched, he's shown so much courage, determination, respect for everyone around him, and generosity; I seriously admire him. I like this part especially:

There’s a unique symbiosis happening. Being a livestream he acts as 'eyes and ears' for the viewers. Literally. People will tell him to move the camera somewhere and he’ll do it. They’ll ask for interviews with someone, and Tim will go over and do so (taking extensive feedback, questions, and commentary from the channel viewers). The viewers will ask him questions and he won’t rest until he gets them their answers. There is no delay or time to press. It’s instant. And it’s awesome.

But it goes both ways.

When his camera battery goes low, people swarm into action. Purchasing batteries, locating someone on the ground to deliver, and coordinating delivery. He’s got a dozen batteries, pack and chargers just donated to him so he can keep recording. He mentions he’s getting hungry and somehow people make sure he’s fed with a constant stream of random strangers doing exactly what he needs when he needs it. This also extends to a few thousand people that will devour twitter and live news feeds to give him active intel so he can stay safe.

The goodwill he’s engendering is ridiculous. Beyond the participation, there’s relationships happening here. I have never seen this kind of support for a journalist before. He logs off for the night and hundreds of people stream in their 'THANK YOU!'s and undying gratitude.

I also think he's pretty cute, but, you know ._. /priorities
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What is this logic, there is no place for that in this fandom country!

(In all seriousness though, this is quite possibly the most amazing rant I have ever seen.)
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I wasn't going to make a post for this stuff, but I so rarely make posts about good things, so HERE I GO :D

The first thing I did when I woke up (like, an hour ago >.> -_-) was refresh Apple's trailer page that I'd left open in a tab. The Snow White and the Huntsmen trailer IS UP!! Oh my fucking god. I haven't been this excited about a movie since the Harry Potter films. It looks BEAUTIFUL. I really want the jewelry the queen is wearing on her hand when she's holding that lady by her neck, lolol. It's really pretty, EVERYTHING is really pretty, the costume design, the effects, Kristen in general ♥~♥ She's so bad ass, omg. I can't wait until promo for this film starts up. I think it's awesome how excited Kristen is for this movie. Even during the Breaking Dawn stuff she's been doing, every time this movie is mentioned it's like her whole face just lights up :)

[livejournal.com profile] deadtwome linked me to this Harry Potter feature. Most of you HP fans have probably already seen it - I came across it awhile ago and avoided watching it because I knew it would make me cry. I watched it today though, and ;~; The trio hugging at the end, oh my heart, it aches.

Neeeeeeeext, MISHA COLLINS WILL BE GUEST STARRING ON RINGER!! Adore him so much, love that show, omg I'm so excited *whimper*

Out of curiosity that is totally random in this entry (but what isn't, really), have any of you ever read any of the Star Wars novels? I've been marathoning the movies for the last two days because I've never watched them all at once, all six together before, and I think I would really like to read them, but I have no idea where to even start, because apparently SOME of the books don't do the best job of explaining things and assume that you have all the back-story knowledge you would need to get it. From what I understand, I'm good if I read the books based on the prequels first (but the ones based on the original trilogy aren't worth reading?) and the Thrawn Trilogy, but I'm not sure if it matters how I read them after that... Not that I should even be thinking about this yet, because I need to finish The Count of Monte Cristo before I read anything else XD I had no idea that book is over 1200 pages, haha, and I think I have a ways to go (but for that book, for some reason, my kindle doesn't show me the page number).

Obligatory Bill fangirling, because we can see his FACE :D

<3333333333 He outshined every single person there, as per usual.

And maybe?:

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My mom loves this song, and we visited the museum dedicated entirely to the Edmund Fitzgerald years ago when I was younger, so I grew up knowing the story. Shipwreck stories and legends (and those involving the sea or ships in general) have always fascinated me, probably partly because my mom used to be so passionate about them - she's really into basically anything related, hence her obsession with lighthouses! When I was in third grade, I remember talking about the Titanic in school and I already knew everything there was to know about it. My mom had a few different books that talked about it and I had devoured them all ♥
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My thoughts on Glee tonight - cut for spoilers and wordy ranty negativity, so if you're squeeful and don't want it ruined, you might want to keep on scrolling! )

But LOOK AT THIS AMAZING POSTER!!! (click for much bigger)


So excited, SO EXCITED!!! The trailer will be out tomorrow, HAVE I MENTIONED I'M SO EXCITED?

I only mentioned in passing in that survey I filled out a few days ago, but I have officially deleted by my Google+ account, and my Facebook account. I feel so much better. I'm thinking of looking for a nice, comparable alternative for Gmail, as well. I just trust google less and less. They've asked me quite a few times now to give them my cellphone number, and I've heard from others that it's happened to them, too. I'm very not okay with that. Google does not need my phone number, that is bullshit. It's disturbing, how many people just give this information away, no questions asked anymore. I refuse to. I'm fully aware that everything I put on the internet, even within my locked journal, could be seen by people I don't even know and used for purposes I can't even fathom, which is why I try to be careful. But websites trying to wheedle information out of people? Even if it's like facebook, where they simply give you the fields to fill in and people assume it MUST be trustworthy, because it's facebook! No, no way heh.

Oh, I forgot that I capped my desktop for that meme going around :) I'll probably be changing it to that image up there ^ soon, but for now, and for awhile, it's:

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I am all caught up on The Big Bang Theory! I don't think I posted here that I had planned on watching it, but I did, and I did XD

I love Sheldon. Love love loooooooooooooooooooooooove him. Like, top ten favorite fictional characters (or at least top ten favorite TV characters) love. I had to look it up halfway through the series, to see if what looked to me to be some degree of autism was intentional or not, and it does seem to have been addressed by Jim Parsons, so I'm glad I wasn't crazy or something, seeing that in him. Between that and his asexuality, I find the laugh track so unnecessary sometimes - not everything he does is as hilarious as the show tries to make it, and I find that I enjoy his scenes a million times more if I ignore the laughing when it most often feels inappropriate to me (not even really offensive, just... completely illogical imo). I want to learn my way around him and I want to sing him Soft Kitty when he's sick and I just adore him, really <333

I think my favorite aspect of the show is his and Penny's friendship XD They are so cute, basically every scene with the two of them together are all my favorites.

I hope Penny and Leonard get back together soon/eventually ;_;

I really like Amy, and I'm really excited that she is played by Mayim Bialik because she is awesome!! <3 I just hope they aren't going to end up using her to "fix" Sheldon :/ Because the show acts like everything he does and says is ~so funny~ when it's really not, it worries me a little that that will eventually happen. Like, they've set him up with a bunch of behaviors that seem "wrong" by most societal standards, so that they can have him learn how to function more normally, when that is so overrated and unnecessary for the most part. It's kind of already happened to Amy herself over the span of her time on the show. But then again, the show is into its fifth season and they really haven't done much to change him, so I feel like I can relax a little :P

Also, Jim Parsons is super adorable :) They're all really cute though, to be honest (well, maybe except the guy who plays Harold, he does nothing at all for me XD)!
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Yesterday, Michigan passed legislation allowing bullying. I can't even fucking believe it. Exact words:

This section does not prohibit a statement of a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction of a school employee, school volunteer, pupil, or a pupil and parent or guardian.

Isn't that just awesome? So, not only does "moral conviction" cover just about anything someone could possibly want it to, it also basically tells bullies exactly what they need to say and do to get away with it. Fuck everything, seriously.

And in other disgusting news, wow, NPH, wow. So disappointed in him. That is so far beyond bad taste, I can't even take it.

In personal BLARGH, haha, I don't think I'm going to be able to put off a trip to the eye doctor much longer. My eyes are just getting worse and worse :( Today I haven't even had much homework to work on, and I've only been online about two hours total, and my eyes are already starting to blur quite a bit. Every day it seems like it takes less time for them to get to that point, and since ALL of my schoolwork depends on my laptop, just taking a break from it isn't really an option. I need to remember to take breaks during my work more often, but I always forget x_x The thing is, even if I can scrounge up enough money for an appointment, if I need glasses or anything like that, I just do not have enough extra money to pay for that. I've never heard of eye doctors being all that lenient with people having financial problems, but does that happen ever?
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Just put him in my hands, please ;~;

If there are more pictures of this, I will probably be posting again with more flailing lolol XD

(I like to think the Bill in my icon/mood is saying 'THAT'S what I grow into??????????')
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This is really amazing. I clicked onto it as kind of a joke, because I thought it was a documentary about two die-hard Tiffany fans (yes, 'I Think We're Alone Now' Tiffany XD), but it turns out, it's actually about two people who are obsessed with her, and completely convinced they are in love with her. I thought it was a really amazing insight into the sort of lives that can lead to things like this, and the sort of people who go to this extreme, since we all see things like this surrounding Tokio Hotel/Bill/Tom, and write them off or even make fun of them as crazies. It all just makes me sad.

A lot of TH fans in general lately make me sad, because I feel like I see a lot of extreme attachment to them. On tumblr, in places like [livejournal.com profile] gajastar's forum, etc. It makes me wonder why they need this so much, and I have no doubt that they do, because I think we all do, to some degree, right? Some people enjoy fandom as a hobby, but many of us enjoy it as an escape - I know I do. It's when I see people worrying over the most seemingly pointless things, or whoever is ruining Gaja's life at any given moment (XD) that I really have to wonder what their RL is like, what it is lacking or throwing at them that makes the unhealthy degree of their fixation so necessary. Maybe fandoms get so wanky because they're all basically misguided attempts at self-medication and therapy for a lot of people, too many people.

I guess a lot of people don't care about stuff like this. Maybe it's occurred to others, and they just feel like other people's problems aren't their own, but I think when we're all interacting in a medium that doesn't allow us any insight at all basically into the people we're talking with, a little empathy could go a long way. I mean, these people are affecting us enough to make us angry sometimes, so I guess their problems do become our own, even when we aren't aware of it, and as for me, I would really just like to understand that more.

I loved this quote from that video, btw: "It's the cracked ones that let light into the world." Lovely <3

(I should probably not write LJ entries at 5am when my eyes are killing me and I can't look at my computer screen and think at the same time >.>)
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"Back to work full time (12 hours a day, 6 days a week) within a month, even though doctors said to take it easy (he works manual labor). The cancer still grows. That is the American dream." From here. That is one fucked up American dream right there, folks.

In other fucked-up-ness, I agree with this commentary. The original campaign is amazing, and it really bothers me that the second anything hits the internet anymore, there has to be some meme offshoot of it. It's like nobody gives a shit about anything anymore, just how they can make it funny. I know that's a bit of a generalization, but I see it so much.

One of them reminds me of yesterday, when I was watching TV and I saw an ad from my cable company, encouraging people to check out a Halloween decoration contest they were having, you could view the entries on one of the On Demand channels. I only looked at ONE before I cancelled out of the whole thing. Someone actually had fake corpses of Saddam, Osama, and Gaddafi hanging from trees in their front yard, amidst coffins and other Halloweeny stuff. Fucking disgusting. Reminds me of another article I read recently about how the only thing Americans as a (large, or almost) whole can celebrate anymore are corpses. So sad.

But in happy news!!! Today I had a ~magical movie day~, because the only movies I've seen for the last like... year+ have been the two parts of Deathly Hallows. I went to see Anonymous first, which was really really good. Right after that, I went to The Three Musketeers, and omggggggggggggggg. The Three Musketeers is one of my favorite stories EVER. I've wanted to get a fleur de lis tattooed on my shoulder since I was in high school BECAUSE of that story (and Milla Jovovich was perfectly badass as Milady) XDDD I always adored D'Artagnan, and this movie killed me because they got the cutest actor to play him :D So scrappy, hehehe <33333

I also got cupcake bites from the concession stand that I haven't tried yet, and there was a boy dressed like someone from Adventure Time there who was really cute~

Btw, [livejournal.com profile] gajastar, [livejournal.com profile] mcpofife, [livejournal.com profile] n_isfor_neville, [livejournal.com profile] volare, and [livejournal.com profile] writingonwalls, thank you so much for the spideys!! <333 They're soooo cute, and I hope I get a chance to send some out too :D
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I watched the new Degrassi last night! Clare, when did you become That Girl that runs into the woods in the dark -_- And when are her and Eli going to get back together already ;______; Fuck Jake. He was just as responsible for that kiss as Ali. Also, why is Clare being such a jerk? It really bothered me, the way she dismissed Ali twice for having "pedestrian problems," ugh. She used to be one of my favorite characters, but they're really ruining her. Eli, however, remains golden and amazing.

I had a creepy moment while watching that episode, when my internet, cable, and phone signal all crapped out on me. I felt abruptly cut off and with the timing, it was very unnerving D:

I'm so behind on other shows, though. I still need to watch Merlin, and I'm behind on Pan Am, The Secret Circle, Revenge, and Terra Nova. This is what happens when I try to watch so many shows LOL @_@ Ringer is more and more delightfully twisted, though. Supernatural went for two of my weak spots this past week: eye gore, and cupcakes, why the cupcakes ;~; I was pretty upset when I watched it initially because eye stuff really, really deeply upsets me, and it basically ruined most of the episode for me because it takes awhile for that feeling to fade :/ I had been so looking forward to it, too! Charisma and James <33333 I need more Buffy alumni, pleeeeeaaaase :) The end of the episode was great though, and I think that I want to re-watch it, now that I know for sure what parts I can look away from.

Also watched the premiere of Once Upon a Time, I had been looking forward to that one for months and it did not disappoint! I think this show definitely has the potential to be one I never miss/forget, like Supernatural and HIMYM :3 I'm definitely dying for the next episode already.

This is a lot to read, but I really, really recommend it. It's basically the best, and most well-organized and thought-out smack down against that 53% bullshit I've seen yet. I am so tired of judgmental attitudes, of people measuring everyone else's situations against their own and making assumptions about them based on things they can't even possibly understand. I think it's one of the most sickening things I've seen surrounding the Occupy protests so far, because most of these people are part of the group that those protesters are fighting for, and they don't even realize it. They've been conditioned to believe that their lives are just how they're supposed to be :(

I think I would like to start posting links and things I find around the internet that interest me. I post stuff like that on twitter, but it doesn't give me much chance to talk about it, and it would give me an excuse to be around here more :)
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I've been thinking about this topic so much recently, Tom's post earlier with the whole speech and this showing up on my dashboard tonight are amazing timing. The heavy value that everyone places on cleverness and thinking, to the point where I feel like so many people overshoot these things so much, or view them in such black and white terms, that they miss the point of them altogether. What value does cleverness have if it's used only to tear down others? And while I wish that MORE people spent some time thinking and questioning, it's completely useless to do so if you cannot summon an ounce of empathy or compassion.
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Hoshit - I accidentally slept through Ringer last night, so I downloaded it and just watched it. I have no words. Just... SHIT. O_________O

I think every day, I adore Kristen Stewart a little more. I bought Adventureland ages ago and just got around to watching it the other day, and I'd been meaning to catch Speak for awhile now, after hearing so many good things about it. So I read the book first, finished it today, and watched the movie today. I don't understand how anyone who has seen her in her films outside Twilight could possibly think she's a bad actress :/ To each their own though, I suppose. There are a few more films I need to watch (and probably re-watch, like The Runaways!) and I plan on doing so ASAP, but I also sort of want to pace myself, because I will be so sad when I have no more to watch. I'm not interested in her fandom or anything like that; I watch a community here on LJ for her for news and things, but I don't care about pap photos and all that other random stuff (hell, I'm barely even into that with TH anymore). I just want her to be in tons and tons of movies *~* At least she's got quite a few new ones lined up that sound amazing, but they're all so far away! :)

(I need to stop looking at the tag for her on tumblr, the sheer amounts of hatred and vitriol make blocking people an endless task :( I don't get why so many people enjoy posting about and talking about things they hate!)
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I have to recommend this book.

Basic summary stolen from a review I found, because the official summary is kind of... inadequate:

Two magicians of indefinite but certainly magically long lifespan – one a public performer named Prospero the Enchanter, aka Hector Bowen; the other known only as "the man in the grey suit" or "Mr. A. H---" – are engaged in a profound rivalry, played out over many generations by appointed pupils. In the late 19th century, Bowen elects his six-year-old daughter Celia, while his counterpart chooses a nameless nine-year-old orphan who will be called Marco Alisdair. These two are bound into a lifelong challenge, the parameters of which are never fully explained to them; and for years they do not know their adversaries.

The circus itself comes in as being a sort of showcase of their competition. The only thing about the rules that they DO know is that they have to basically one-up each other's magical talents through the circus, and they mainly do so by altering the circus itself, adding new magical attractions, each one more fantastic and beautiful than the last.

The thing about this book is... even though the plot may sound interesting (or at least, it did for me, lol), it's actually VERY slow-going towards the center of the book. I feel sort of shallow for loving it as much as I did, because honestly... there are flaws, but it's just too pretty for me to hold anything against it D:

Where I found the book a bit lacking was mainly in character development, or showcasing much emotion at all. It's obvious that retaining an overwhelming feeling of mystery was important to her in this story, but it came at the cost of knowing just about anything about most of the secondary characters (which I didn't mind so much), and though I enjoyed the main characters, even by the end I didn't feel much real attachment to them (except maybe Poppet and Widget, I did so adore them!). I felt like she had the means to make it really striking, but she seemed to focus way more on building scenes than building characters.

However, that is where the shallow aspect of my enjoyment comes in, and my big reason for recommending this book, because holy shit, you guys. This book is how I want to see the world. She literally captivates all your senses from the first page until the last, I can't even describe it. I've never read so many gorgeous, lush descriptions within one book. If it gives you a bit of a sense of it, she actually thanked Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab in her acknowledgments for part of her inspiration, and I found that so many things made sense after reading that XD One of the things I enjoyed most was her description of scents, she was unusually meticulous about that, but the visuals are incredible, too.

Something else that I adored about this book was the way men and women are portrayed. There are no damsels in distress, all of the women are quite capable of handling themselves, and there is no emphasis on masculinity or any lackthereof. There are basically no gender roles ever emphasized at all. The main antagonists of the story are men pulling the strings and orchestrating things in the beginning, but their battle is of a more intellectual quality (and they do come off as basically villains FOR their competition, although they aren't treated quite so black and white at all, and they also mostly recede into the background with the creation of the circus). One of my favorite parts is when a young boy actually thinks to himself that he envies the girls in fairy tales that have someone rescue them away from their horrible families and situations, how disappointing he finds it that it's never the other way around, and not to spoil too much for you, but in this book, it really is the other way around, more often than not - yet, still without robbing every individual character of their strengths and qualities.
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I think the concept of world peace is a completely unrealistic and vague goal, but that there are smaller goals that are more worthwhile - and for those, even though the progress is often unbearably slow-going, there has still been progress. It gives me a teeny tiny bit of hope, amongst all of the other darker feelings in regards to the state of the world. But I think peace in general, and the specific ideas that John Lennon was focusing on in Imagine, are very personal things, and a mindset that all of us should be trying to cultivate within ourselves, before looking to the failure of others to point fingers towards and compare and measure ourselves against.

(And I don't mean that as a shot against activism, since that's extremely important, often as a catalyst for necessary education in the face of ignorance, but I mean in our day-to-day lives)

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