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Oh hey, it's the last day of 2011 o__________o I didn't even realize until my mom pointed it out earlier. I'm going to be starting the year with an overdraft from my credit union; so fitting!

I've been lost in reading the rest of the Hunger Games trilogy. Do any of you ever experience that sense of grief when you finish a book or series you've been completely engaged in? It always makes me feel so sad to be back in the real world, and I just want to wallow in it for awhile. I think I do it with really good TV shows, too, when I watch them all at once. Reality, meh.

I don't really know what to say. Overall, I loved the books. There's this nagging feeling that there was something I didn't like about them, but I can't put my finger on what it is, and every other feeling was positive, so I'm mostly ignoring it XD

I did find some things to be a little predictable sometimes - mainly, the way Katniss could be counted on to completely misunderstand things that seemed really super obvious to me LOL I think the best example might have been in the first game, when she automatically assumed Peeta had betrayed her. My first assumption was that he was working to protect her, and even though it was never explicitly stated, I thought the fact that one of the girls with them had the bow and arrows she wanted was further proof (I assumed he found some way to make sure they had them). I just tried to remind myself throughout reading, though, that anyone wouldn't be thinking entirely rationally in the kinds of situations she kept ending up in, so it made it all a lot more forgivable.

Peeta ;~; I found myself wanting desperately to look up spoilers about halfway through the last book to see if he would turn out okay, but I knew I couldn't without finding more than I wanted to know XD So I kept going, and I'm so so so glad he did (as okay as he could be, anyway). I just adored him.

I liked how so much of the series was perfectly orchestrated. The call backs to things that had happened previously were always perfectly timed and moving, either in a really touching way, or a really 'fuck yeah!' kind of way, heh. They also seemed to do a really great job of explaining themselves, if that makes sense. Every time I would find myself getting frustrated with Katniss, someone would step in and say exactly what I was thinking - or she would even realize it herself eventually.
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