Apr. 22nd, 2012

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Baseball games!

It's so funny - I am probably the last person anyone would ever think of when they think of sports, any kind of sports, lol. I don't care that much about any of them, including baseball, certainly not enough to watch them on TV.

But I love actually going to baseball games. I'm even still a bit fuzzy on some of the rules and details involved, but I get the basic point enough to really enjoy myself. And there's just something about the atmosphere! It's never aggressive the way it seems like it is with other sports (or at least, it hasn't been in my experience). Everyone seems to just have a really good time. There's also the smell. The combination of beer, hot dogs, peanuts... something about all of them together just puts me in a really good mood :) I never miss hot dogs more than I do at baseball games!

I think that in all, it feels great to be part of something of a really fun tradition that's been around so long.

Yesterday, I went with my mom to see the Tigers play the Texas Rangers. We lost terribly, and I am now coated in aloe because I managed to forget my sunscreen (horror!!!) but it was still a lot of fun. Also helps that I was supposed to work, and my supervisor gave me the day off for it last minute :3

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Are you still living there
Walking the streets with your hollow stare
You say there's loneliness everywhere
So we have nothing to lose
The music plays all day long
And sorrow looks beautiful
And lovers seem mystical
Tomorrow a new point of view
These bright lights will bend to make blue
Now this can all look new to you